General and Preventive Care

At Katoomba Dental Centre, our experienced team of dentists provides the services you need to meet your family’s dental needs. We can treat you whether you need a simple check-up and clean or more complex treatment such as a root canal or extraction. You can count on us to provide gentle, caring treatment in our modern surgery.

Family Preventive Care

We welcome every age group and often recommend twice-yearly visits for dental examinations and teeth cleans. This helps our dental team monitor oral health changes to help ensure you can avoid many common dental issues, like dental cavities and periodontal disease. How often you need to come to the clinic will depend on your individual needs.

At your initial examination, we will introduce you to our modern approach to dental diagnosis. We initially take an OPG x-ray, which provides a flat view of your upper and lower jaw, as well as intra-oral images of your entire mouth, enabling us to walk you through every potential or current problem you have. We will also clean your teeth to remove surface stains and promote gum health, and we may recommend additional preventive treatments such as fluoride.

After your initial exam, we design a customised treatment plan for you, providing you with different options for treatment and the costs associated with them. We offer procedures such as root canals, extractions, gum disease treatment, dental crowns and bridges.

Custom Mouthguards and Sports Dentistry

Prevention is about more than dental check-ups, teeth cleans and restoring oral health. It is also about protecting your family’s teeth from injury, particularly athletically inclined children participating in sports. If you or a loved one sustains an oral trauma, it's important to seek dental care as soon as possible. Leaving a chipped, broken or damaged tooth (or teeth) untreated can result in long-term complications, including the need for extraction.

If a tooth is knocked out during an activity, place it in milk or saliva until your emergency dental visit in Katoomba. With timely intervention, your dentist may be able to save the tooth. If you have a bleeding injury, apply gauze to staunch the flow, and contact our dental clinic as soon as possible for further instructions.

When it comes to sports, mouthguards are always your best bet for added protection. 

Of course, you can purchase mouthguards in your local shop, but they do not offer the same protection as a custom appliance created by your Katoomba dentist. In addition, store-bought mouthguards simply do not fit well enough to create a proper buffer zone between teeth and stray balls or elbows.

If a mouthguard does not fit properly, it can also irritate gums and soft tissues, shift around, and your child may even remove it to better concentrate on their game or ease irritation. Fortunately, our mouthguards are fabricated from a direct impression of the teeth and gums for optimal fit, comfort and safety.

Protecting the dental health of young athletes is very important to our dental team, which is why we are thrilled to offer custom mouthguards in Katoomba.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If your teeth and gums are healthy, perhaps you would like to make cosmetic changes to make your smile more beautiful. Once reserved for the rich and famous, cosmetic dentistry treatments are available today to fit almost any budget. We offer teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, and bonding for smiles that need a boost.

Restorative Care

When you have teeth that are damaged or missing, it’s crucial to repair or replace them. We provide a wide selection of restorative services at our Katoomba surgery.

  • Dental implants, dentures and bridges can replace missing teeth
  • Crowns or bonding can repair damaged teeth
  • Veneers can camouflage a host of problems with your smile

We rely on proven dental techniques and materials for durable, attractive restorations.

Root Canal Therapy

This feared dental procedure does not deserve its unfair reputation. This treatment will relieve pain rather than cause it—and it will save your tooth in the process. A root canal may rid your tooth of the infection as well as discomfort and swelling.

In many instances, your dentist suggests a tooth crown after healing to restore function to the tooth and guard against fractures.

Bruxism Treatment

If think you might be clenching and grinding your teeth, your dentist can provide treatment. This sleeping habit, called bruxism, wreaks havoc on your teeth because it wears them down. It also can cause headaches and other upper-body pain in the neck, ears, and shoulders. We can create a customised oral appliance worn at night to keep you from harming your oral health.

We look forward to providing you and your loved ones with the dental services they need at our Katoomba, NSW dental surgery. We welcome you to your Blue Mountains local dentist.