Sedation Dentistry

The comfort and well-being of our patients are very important to us. We also never want anxiety to prevent you from getting the dental treatments you need. For these reasons, we’re thrilled to offer specialised anaesthesia and sedation dentistry in Katoomba, NSW.

Virtually Painless Dental Anaesthesia

The STA Wand system delivers dental anaesthesia with your comfort in mind, and it is now standard in every procedure we perform!  

When anaesthesia is delivered too quickly, it can cause a distinctive sting, which may contribute to dental anxiety and phobia. The STA Wand is an innovative technology that delivers anaesthesia slowly. It is computer-guided and immune to human error. With this system, you may not even notice the delivery of your anaesthetic. Your dentist in Katoomba can also add a topical numbing agent before anaesthesia delivery for added peace of mind.

Another benefit of the STA Wand is delivery precision. You want the tooth your dentist is working on the be numb—not the adjacent teeth, half your jaw or your entire upper or lower lip. Also, with this system, anaesthesia is very localised so that the effects may wear off faster.

3 Levels of Dental Sedation for Your Comfort

Besides a virtually painless and precise numbing technology, we also offer three levels of dental sedation. Your dentist may recommend a single anaesthetic or combine treatments based on your needs. We also monitor you closely when under dental sedation.

If you’re considering sedation dentistry in Katoomba, we do recommend talking to your dentist in advance and pre-booking. We want to take the time to carefully plan your sedation before treatment for optimal relaxation.

#1 Nitrous Oxide

We deliver nitrous oxide through a small nasal mask, and it provides feelings of comfort and relaxation while you’re getting your dental treatment. It is safe for patients of all ages and wears off immediately following mask removal. Nitrous oxide gives you the freedom to drive yourself home from our dental surgery.

#2 Oral Sedation

Your dentist provides a pill that you take before your dental procedure. With this option, you may not recall your treatment. Unfortunately, this method means you’ll need a ride to and from our dental surgery. We also recommend relaxing for the remainder of the day and not making any critical decisions.

#3 IV Sedation (Currently Not Available)

IV sedation requires intravenous delivery of sedation. As with oral sedation, you are not likely to remember the particulars of your dental treatment. You will also need transportation home from our dental surgery, and you should avoid making crucial decisions or operating any vehicle until the day after treatment.

After Anaesthesia and Sedation Dentistry

When you leave our dental office, your dentist or a team member provides aftercare instructions. Besides not driving after specific types of anaesthesia, we also recommend not chewing until all numbing agents have worn away.

Your dentist will provide more specific instructions based on your level of sedation and treatment.

We Invite You to Book a Chat with Our Sedation Dentist in Katoomba Today

To learn whether you’re a candidate for sedation dentistry, we encourage you to arrange a consultation in our dental office. We will take a thorough health history—if we do not have recent history on file—and plan your sedation based on your needs.

We provide comfortable dentistry for patients everywhere, including Katoomba, Leura, Wentworth Falls, Hazelbrook, Lawson, Blackheath, Mt Victoria, Lithgow, Springwood, Faulconbridge and Blaxland.