Emergency Services

Dental emergencies can happen anytime—and they often occur at the most inconvenient times. If you find yourself experiencing dental pain, if you have suffered an injury to your mouth, or if you have lost a tooth, don’t panic—but don’t wait to call us either. Sometimes getting immediate treatment is the difference between saving a tooth and losing it.

If you are not sure if what you are experiencing is an actual dental emergency, call us anyways. A member of our experienced team can help determine if we need to see you that same day or if we can book the next available consult. We always leave a few spots in our schedule for patients with dental emergencies.

Dr Philip Moss, Dr Sibel Er, Dr Elizabeth Flores Westreicher and the rest of the team at Katoomba Dental Centre will make sure you get the treatment you need at our Katoomba dental surgery.

Is My Situation an Emergency?

This is sometimes a difficult question to answer, but here are some guidelines.

As a general guide, if you are in pain from a toothache, you are bleeding from the mouth, your tooth has been loosened or knocked out, or you have suffered an injury to your mouth or jaw, you are in an emergent situation.

If you suspect you have broken your jaw or if you have been in a vehicle accident, call 000 or 112 from your mobile or go to hospital immediately.

Some emergencies require immediate attention in the office; others can be managed at home until we can see you in during regular business hours. If you are uncertain, we welcome your phone call. We can help assess whether you need to come to our surgery immediately.

The following situations, although they might cause some discomfort, probably do not constitute an emergency:

  • You took a bite of something and lost a crown or filling.
  • There is a food particle stuck between your teeth.
  • One of your teeth hurts, but the pain is tolerable.

Will I Need a Root Canal?

This is a common dental emergency, and it usually begins with a toothache that starts mild but gets unbearable rather quickly. In this situation, you probably have an infection in your tooth and need a root canal. This much-feared dental procedure is no worse than getting a filling.

Don’t put off going to the dentist if you think you might need a root canal because a root canal will more than likely save your tooth, which is always the best option.

Can I Prevent Dental Emergencies?

The best way to prevent emergency visits to the dentist is to go in for your regular check-ups. Under your dentist’s watchful eye, a small dental issue can be detected before it grows into a big one. For instance, a small cavity can grow into a tooth infection, so you will find you need a root canal when a filling might have sufficed—if only you had kept up with your preventive dental programme.

As soon as you find you or your family member in the midst of a dental emergency, we urge you to call us on (02) 4782 1507.