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Amalgam and Tooth-Coloured Fillings Explained

October 21, 2020
Posted By: Katoomba Dental Centre

Patients of all ages get tooth decay—it is not merely a childhood issue. Today, we can treat fillings aesthetically with white fillings to combat the silver or grey fillings that most patients do not want, especially in their smile lines.

If you have a decayed tooth, your dentist in Katoomba can discuss filling options and materials with you before treatment.

Amalgam and Tooth-Coloured Fillings in Katoomba

For decades dentists used amalgam fillings to treat tooth decay. These are silver or grey-coloured fillings that close your tooth cavity after your dentist removes decay. While amalgam is considered a safe material—despite containing mercury—many patients prefer the aesthetics of tooth-coloured or white fillings.

Tooth-coloured fillings are made of a strong composite resin material that closely matches the colour of your teeth.

Replacing Old Fillings and More

In some cases, patients choose to replace their silver fillings with a tooth-coloured option. This can provide a cosmetic boost to your smile.

We can also use the same composite resin material to bond a tooth or teeth. This means your dentist spreads the material over a discoloured or flawed tooth or teeth and relies on a special light to set the composite. This is an inexpensive way to boost the appearance of your smile.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Of course, it is always better to avoid tooth decay, which is why we emphasise preventive dentistry and an excellent at-home routine.

You should visit your dentist on time for teeth cleans and dental check-ups. You should also brush and floss regularly to clear away the bacteria that may lead to dental cavities.

Your dentist can provide an exam and professional teeth clean schedule that addresses your specific needs.

Is It Time to Arrange Your Next Dental Exam and Teeth Clean?

If you have not been to the dentist in a while, or if it’s time for your check-up, we encourage your call.  

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