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Combat Dental Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry in Katoomba

June 8, 2021
Posted By: Katoomba Dental Centre

Too often, anxiety keeps patients away from the dentist. The team at Katoomba Dental Centre has just made it easier for you and your loved ones to get the care you need without the stress.

We now offer sedation dentistry for patients in all locations, including our friends and neighbours in Leura, Wentworth Falls, Hazelbrook, Lawson, Blackheath, Mt Victoria, Lithgow, Springwood, Faulconbridge and Blaxland.

Sedation Dentistry Near Me

We offer three levels of sedation dentistry in our dental clinic. Your dentist can opt for one or a combination of these options to keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout your procedure.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a safe and relaxing gas. We deliver it to you through a comfortable and small nasal mask. This method leaves you feeling tranquil and slightly removed from treatment. The effects do not linger and lift as soon as we remove the mask, making it safe for you to drive home. Nitrous is safe for patients of all ages.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a pill taken before treatments. With this option, you may only recollect small portions of your treatment but will still be able to respond to your Katoomba sedation dentist. If you and your dentist choose this option, you will need transport from our dental clinic.

IV Sedation

With this option, you are not likely to recall any of your treatment. This is ideal for patients with strong anxieties and dental phobia. This option also requires a friend or relative to drive you home from treatment.

Learn Whether Sedation Dentistry Is Right for You

Before administering most types of sedation, your dentist will take a health history and talk to you about your particular level of anxiety. Then, while you are sedated, we monitor you closely and take care of your smile while you relax!

Are You Ready to Arrange a Consultation?

You no longer have to allow anxiety to keep you from dental care. If you would like to arrange a consultation, a friendly team member will get you started.

Currently during the Covid Pandemic we are continuing to see patients for all treatment under the recommendations from ADA NSW. Both vaccinated and non vaccinated are welcome to our practice for treatment, however, we provide a strict pre-screening process that applies to all patients. Any patient that is dispaying unusual symptoms related to COVID-19 or is suspected of having COVID-19 will not be able to be treated. If you have any questions, please call us. 
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