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Professional Teeth Whitening Versus Kits Bought in Shops

December 29, 2019
Posted By: Katoomba Dental Centre

Are you thinking about professional teeth whitening in Katoomba, NSW?

If you have brown or yellow tooth stains, chances are you’ve considered bleaching your smile. Maybe you’ve thought about kits or gels bought in shops—or perhaps you have already tried these options and were disappointed with the results.

No matter your situation, we recommend weighing your options carefully before making a decision.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Katoomba

In our dental clinic, we offer ZOOM! This teeth whitening system is prescription strength and designed to lift away stubborn stains from your tooth enamel. We can do this in our dental clinic and provide a whiter smile in about an hour.  

Alternatively, we can take a mould of your teeth and use this model to create a custom whitening tray for you to take home. With this tray and our prescription-strength whitening gel, you can treat your teeth on your own time—while reading a book or watching a favourite film. A member of our friendly team will provide instructions to help you make the most of your at-home whitening kit.

Your dentist in Katoomba can help you choose the best option to fit your situation. If you have an event coming up, for example, an in-clinic teeth whitening may be the better option as it is faster.

Kits and Gels Purchased in Shops

Tooth trays purchased in shops are not custom-designed to fit your smile, so you may have product spillage, which can lead to tooth sensitivity. Also, some ingredients can be abrasive to your enamel. Additionally, when not under the discretion of a dental professional, you cannot be sure that your teeth and gums are in proper condition for bleaching.

For these reasons, we recommend professional teeth whitening in Katoomba, NSW is under the care of a dentist.

Would You Like to Arrange a Teeth Whitening in Katoomba, NSW?

If you would like to learn whether you’re a candidate for teeth whitening, we encourage your call.

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