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What are amalgam mercury fillings? Should I get them removed?

Metal amalgam was a standard material used to fill cavities for many years, and millions of people have them. You can identify them by their tell-tale dark grey colour.

Recently, there have been concerns about the use of amalgam because of the mercury it contains. There have been many studies conducted on this issue, and experts have concluded that amalgam fillings are safe.

Today, however, tooth-coloured fillings, made of a composite of glass and plastic, are more commonly used to prevent the spread of tooth decay. Made to match the colour of your natural teeth, these fillings provide a more aesthetic way to fill in cavities.

In most cases, it is not necessary to replace amalgam fillings with composite fillings unless the metal fillings are compromised in some way. Often metal fillings begin to cause fractures in the tooth they have filled, and they need to be replaced to protect the remaining tooth structure. This is the main reason to replace them, and tooth-coloured composite fillings are often the replacement of choice.

If you have concerns about the amalgam fillings in your mouth, we invite you to contact our Katoomba, NSW dental surgery. We can conduct an examination and advise you on whether replacement with composite fillings is necessary.

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