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How do you use dental crowns?

Dental crowns in Katoomba have a variety of practical uses in dentistry. And our dentists implement them often to help restore smiles and so much more! Dental crowns even play a role in tooth replacement.

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped covers that fit over a tooth that has been prepared or treated by your dentist. Crowns are customised to blend naturally with your untreated teeth.

Tooth Crowns to Support a Weak Tooth

Dental crowns restore function to a weak, fractured, or root-canal-treated tooth. The crown helps prevent further damage by creating a safety zone between your bite force and the tooth beneath.

Tooth Crowns to Hide Cosmetic Imperfections

A dental crown can conceal tooth flaws like discolouration, a worn tooth, or unsightly chips in cosmetic dentistry.

Role of Tooth Crowns in Tooth Replacement

A dental crown connects a dental bridge (prosthetic teeth) to healthy teeth. Additionally, it caps single dental implants to restore your tooth above the gum.

For More Information about Dental Crowns, We Welcome Your Call

If you have a weak or broken tooth, a dental crown may be ideal for preventing loss or the need for extraction. A team member anticipates your call—and remember to ask about our specials and in-house membership plan!

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