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What happens during an examination?

Your first visit to our Katoomba, NSW surgery will likely start with x-rays. The dentist or dental assistant will initially take a panoramic x-ray (OPG) for diagnostic purposes. X-rays enable the dentist to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye, so problems can be detected early while they are more easily treatable.

Afterwards, we will take you into the treatment room for a pre-clinical discussion. During this time, you and the dentist will get to know one another, and we will go over your medical and dental history. This is the perfect time for you to voice any concerns you might have about your oral health. There will be a clinical examination, and your dentist will make sure to note the condition of each tooth.

When the examination is complete, your dentist will explain findings and discuss treatment options that can help resolve the problems. We always leave plenty of time to answer questions and to explain why we recommend certain treatments. We want you to have the information you need to make a good decision regarding your oral health.

If it’s been a while since your last check-up, we invite you to call Katoomba Dental Centre to book an appointment.

Currently during the Covid Pandemic we are continuing to see patients for all treatment under the recommendations from ADA NSW. Both vaccinated and non vaccinated are welcome to our practice for treatment, however, we provide a strict pre-screening process that applies to all patients. Any patient that is dispaying unusual symptoms related to COVID-19 or is suspected of having COVID-19 will not be able to be treated. If you have any questions, please call us. 
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