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Why go to the dentist for cosmetic injectables

September 21, 2019
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What you need to know about cosmetic injectables


The realm of facial beauty enhancement and restoration is an exciting and rapidly growing field of treatment. Within this, muscle relaxants and dermal fillers have emerged as key techniques to improve or restore the natural dimensions and appearance of the face and lips in a simple, achievable fashion. They are constantly evolving with further research and improvements made to the products to deliver better, longer lasting results.

While elective injectables maintain the biggest share of the market, there are therapeutic benefits such as those achieved with muscle relaxants. In dentistry, muscle relaxants injections are commonly used to treat the muscles near the jaw joints associated with teeth grinding (bruxism) and clenching. This treatment often provides significant pain relief to those suffering from the condition and aims to lessen the grinding and clenching too. These therapies, both for function and aesthetics, have become increasingly popular as more dentists undertake the necessary training.

Why should you go to the dentist for cosmetic injectables?

The two main concerns anyone should have with medical treatments are; 1) Is this person a professional and do they know what they are doing? 2) Is this place clean and sterile? Unfortunately, a number of under-qualified technicians provide treatment both within dentistry and outside of it, running the risk of providing substandard and unsafe administration. Although just a skin-prick to some, professional administration of injectables requires a wealth of knowledge of the facial structure and an experienced hand for safety and precision. Thus, it is critical to consider who is providing your treatment. When choosing a clinician, consider who will be in tune with facial dimensions and structure, trained in the biology and administration and able to provide treatment in a sterile environment.

Dentists are university-trained including extensive education of the anatomy of the face and how its attributes optimally functions. Dentists looking to provide injectable treatment will complete further studies to perform the treatment under the strict regulations of the Dental Board. As a result, they emerge highly qualified and, alongside doctors, are the ideal candidates to provide this type of treatment.

Board-certified dentists can provide customised facial aesthetic treatment options for patients, from improving the symmetry of the face to treating medical disorders such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Their scientific understanding of the intricacies of drug interactions and high-risk anatomical areas of the face means that they can avoid any medical complications which may arise with injectable treatments, or deal with any that might come about. Muscle relaxants and dermal fillers require precise application of the product, with the position and depth into the musculature key to getting the best results and to minimise complications. Dentists consistently perform surgical procedures in their day-to-day role and are, thus, adept at administering virtually pain-free injections.

When looking to enhance and improve the smile, injectables are a useful adjunct treatment – for example they can transform an unattractive high lip line into a beautiful smile with just their knowledge and mastery of injectables in combination with dental treatment. This allows your dentist to look at your smile on a holistic level – not only focusing on the enhancement of the teeth, but also the soft tissues that frame them.

In a world of under-qualified technicians offering limited experience and knowledge of the face, dentists can offer highly specialised and bespoke facial aesthetic solutions in a safe sterile environment.

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