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Reasons to Avoid Shop-Purchased Teeth Whitening Kits

August 22, 2020
Posted By: Katoomba Dental Centre

Teeth turn yellow, brown or dull for a variety of reasons, including our diet, our age, tobacco use and certain medications. But you don’t have to live with unsightly teeth.

Your dentist in Katoomba offers professional teeth whitening, which can dramatically lighten tough tooth stains.

The Trouble with Shop-Purchased Teeth Whitening

There are several reasons we recommend avoiding teeth whitening kits and gels that are not offered by a dentist.

First, your dentist does not go forward with whitening unless your oral health is sound. We consider the state of your gums and your teeth before moving forward with treatment. When you purchase a kit in the local shop or online, you are taking a risk with the ingredients, and there is no way to know whether the product is a safe option for you without input from your dentist.

Next, when you purchase a whitening kit, it is unlikely that the whitening tray will fit your mouth properly. This means the whitening product can leak onto your gums and create long-term tooth sensitivity.

Of course, you may also be disappointed with your results. Patients have mentioned that strips and gels purchased online have left them with uneven tooth shades—one lightened tooth and another that is still dark.

Finally, shop-purchased products can contain harsh ingredients that are not customised for your unique needs, which can be harmful to your oral health.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Katoomba, NSW

We rely on the Zoom! Teeth Whitening System because our patients have been so happy with their results. Our dental team finds this system fast and efficient—taking approximately one hour.

We can also create a custom kit if you would prefer to whiten your smile at home.

For Professional Teeth Whitening, We Welcome Your Call

Are you ready to learn whether professional teeth whitening is a good and safe option for you? We are here to arrange your consultation and answer any questions

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